Tuesday, May 31

"Paris holds the key to your heart"

My brother Mitch had just returned from Paris, and realized that he needed to go back immediately. I went with him, but knew we only had like a half hour there. Conveniently there was a landing strip right by the Louvre, and I exited the plane frantic to be able to see all that I could in my allotted time. I was a crazy-man running around trying to see the Mona-Lisa, and all the other priceless works of art. As we were trying to sneak pictures of our time in the Louvre, the alarm started going off, 

and I woke up. 

I am a very vivid dreamer as some of you may know. I wake up, and feel like my dream really did happen, and have a very detailed recollection of it. I think this particular dream stems from a recent conversation about personal jets, and my overall love of art.

I was once told that if you were to spend only ONE minute with each piece of art it would take a whole month to see the all of them.
I did the math: ONE minute with each of the 35,000 works of art = 10 weeks. ABOUT THREE MONTHS!
This is taking into account their hours of operation BUT doesn't include the time you will take to sleep, eat, potty, and doesn't even include the time you would take to walk from one exhibit to the next!!!

I am currently, extremely obsessed with the Louvre after this dream. I might just have to move to Paris all together if I want to spend any time or energy with all that art!
Basically I am dying to go!

Sunday, May 29

I guess I was really hungry...

I must have like razor sharp teeth, or something because this past week I've had this major problem in my mouth. It's like I don't know how to chew after 21 years of eating. Last weekend I bit right into my lip and caused a HUGE canker sore. And though your mouth is supposed to be one of the fastest healing parts of your body, since it became swollen I kept on biting the same spot! After being super careful every time I ate, it finally healed.

(I bet this guy gets pretty bad cankers from those sharp babies too!)

THEN, yesterday morning I noticed the side of my tongue really hurt when I ate. I thought it might be a sore spot from eating too much salt or like when you eat too much pineapple. But when I checked it out in the mirror it is another HUGE CANKER! On the side of my tongue no less. Meaning every time I talk, or swallow, or chew it hurts. Basically I'm just retarded.


Sunday, May 22

Scaredy Pants

I live in an apartment that has a stair well where the doors of the apartments face each other. I have been told that the people who share a stair landing with us are a married couple, therefore I have no idea who they are. Also, I have only seen the woman once, ever.

Yesterday I was in a rush to leave my apartment and was hurrying to get gone, and opened the door preparing to lock it behind me. It was a busy day, and I was lost in my own thoughts that I was not expecting to see anyone on our door step. As I opened the door I caught out of the corner of my eye two boys right in front of me. I jumped SO high! They were waiting at the other couples apartment, but startled me.

I quickly locked my door, and just told them that apparently I am a jumpy person. I could see that they were just were smiling at me. They were both dressed up, and my immediate thought was home teachers. As I walked past them to leave, I noticed the name tags.... Elders.

How humiliating! As I walked away I giggled with disbelief at my luck and silly nerves.

I can only imagine the letters their families will be getting this week:
Dear Mom and Dad, 
We were out tracking at an apartment building today and scared the pants off of some girl. I never expected to have people actually SCARED of us. 
Better luck next week.

Saturday, May 21

smart alick

A nurse was riding on a tech and me, about which radiologist was working that day. No one ever asks us that, so we had to go and find out for her. When came back and told her, she then asked what the radiologists first name was. 
We both paused for a minute, and at the same time said very matter of fact-like,

The nurse wasn't impressed. 

Thursday, May 19

FINE! If you won't post, then I WILL!

As I checked blogger now about ten-billion times, to see if anyone else has updated their blog, and no luck, I then remembered that I can post.

So today as I was headed to institute, the lovely lady behind me decided that she didn't want me to get into her lane, and decided to flip me off when I did!
Such a lovely gesture.

What I don't understand, is that the said driver saw that I had my blinker on to get over, and then didn't make the needed room for me, so once I did merge it was all my fault. What did she expect me to do? Slow down and cut in behind her, when there were cars behind me? Where is the common courtesy? Is it really that big of a deal to slow down to let a car in?  

Some people's kids! (I love that saying!)

PS- my shoes came. YAY!

Tuesday, May 17

out with the OLD in with the NEW

Today is the beginning of a new start. 
It is amazing to me how attached I can get to the machine that gets me from place to place.
My papa sold my car. 
And in the same day, he got a new one for me to use. 
black, ford focus
Have I seen it yet? 
Am I excited? 
Mostly just because I can't wait to put my 
birthday decal on the window! 

Sunday, May 15

Oh baby! Oh baby!


I just ordered these babies from Target, and I am obsessed. The didn't have my size at the store and I almost decided to just wear a size to small, because I love how they look on my feeties. But since I really want to be able to wear them 24/7 and because they are the low price of 9.00... they were a MUST! 
So I caved, paid extra for shipping, and these beauties are on there way. 
PS if you didn't know... I kinda LOVE shoes. 

Saturday, May 14

Dear Paige,

I have this beautiful friend named Paige. I work with her. We are BFFs, basically she thinks I'm funny. We laugh a lot, mostly quoting My Big Fat Greek Wedding during work, and usually Emperors New Groove too.

Currently, I am kinda mad at her. Last week, on one of the beautiful days, she came in and said that she was outside for .5 seconds and got darker. Me, I try and tan, I try and get darker, and I BURN... and then go white again. No joke. I don't tan.  So I was pretty upset with my BFF.  So on break, on her five minute ride back to work she stuck one arm out the window. She was wearing a half sleeve cardigan, and when she pulled back the sleeve- she had a noticeable tan line. IN LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES!  

Disgusting. It's just a good thing I am a loving and forgiving person. So we can still be friends. 

Thursday, May 12

Mount St. Helens

I have a very sad story, it's about a volcano. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and will destroy life as we know it. Steps have been taken to prevent the amount of damage that will be caused, but it may be too late to tame it.  All current precautions and work being done is not helping. It has been said it is comparable to Mt. St. Helens.

This volcano is growing on my face.  I might just run and take cover until this passes, because right now, all I know is this is a big one. Pray for me.

Tuesday, May 10

Food for Thought

"We are not here as human beings to have a spiritual experience- 
but as spiritual beings to have a human experience."

Monday, May 9

wo bu zhi dao

I have a new favorite phrase:  I don't know.  We used to say it all the time in China "wo bu zhi dao" and even made up songs about it.  Though currently it is my go-to phrase when I am at a loss for words. 

I add a little shoulder shrug, and any awkward situation, or weird question is quickly dismissed. Try it sometime. 

The reason my phone cover is zebra stripes.

I was laughing about something at work the other day when my boss turns to me and says,
"my favorite animal is a zebra... you sound just like one!"

Yes, world. It's true. I have a loud, weird laugh when I get going. I've been called a hyena before. And many of my friends like to do impressions of my laugh. 

But I looked it up, it's true. I sound just like a Zebra. 

Friday, May 6

Dear DownEast,

I work at DownEast Outfitters. I have for... well since forever. I know that is kinda crazy, but I just love the people there, and one day will leave, but as for now, it can't be beat!

Best days at work are when I have a shift with one of the girls who, like myself, think I'm pretty funny. I didn't have a place to record these beauties, but now that I blog, I'll fill you in on some of our funnier experiences.

-We have two front doors, on both ends of the wall,  at the front of the store. One of them is always locked, and the other one is the front door. It never fails to bring a smile to my face, when people try and open the locked door, and the expressions that come to their faces. Seriously, in one hour tonight there were three different attempts. Good times.

-We have work meetings after close, and it is always a weird time period between the afternoon shift and then the meeting a few hours later. It's not long enough to drive home, but too long to hang out by yourself.  One employee has debated about going to a movie by herself once. At a different occasion there were a three of us who had this awkward time.  We all decided to go do something together, but then when it came down to it didn't. At the meeting one girl came up to me pretending to be really hurt about the situation. I asked her if she had just sat home picking her nose and her response was "Well most the time I did!!" Yes, yes, she did just confess to picking her nose.

-Today I was feeling pretty hyper, and started to rock out to one of the songs. A different employee walked by and I said, "Sometimes I just feel like dancing!" She chucked and then said "You always say that!"  ....I guess I should now say "I always feel like dancing!"

I LOVE when-

I have some funny quirks.  It's my favorite when I am identified by them. 

Number one:  My laugh. When I get going, I sound like a hyena. It's pretty terrifying. 

Number two: My sense of style. Sometimes my friends identify items I will love before I even see them. I am proud to have a distinct style.

Number three: My phrases. My nephews still say "Sayonara Sucker" and "Later Alligator" because of me. 
Then my sister sent me this beauty the other day:
I'm not sure where I first got it from, but I always say "Thanks Baby Cakes."  I think I like the way thanks and cakes sound. It really is kinda weird, but I love it. And I love that it is coined as Amanda. 

Wednesday, May 4

If Found Please Call...

I am so bugged! Last night I went out to dinner with some girlfriends, and there was this guy who looked over at me from a different table. So naturally, when he stood up to leave, I watched him go. BUT as he was leaving I realized I knew him..... but I CAN'T FIGURE OUT FROM WHERE! Seriously this is killing me, just because I distinctly remember his face, but can't place him. Did I x-ray him? Is he married to one of my friends? Did I double with him once? Did I have a class with him? Did he come into work one time? I DON'T KNOW! But it's killing me!

Dear random man:
Where you at the Happy Sumo last night at about 7ish, wearing a blue aero/american eagle/holister shirt? It seemed to be a work meeting, but you were under dressed. If this is you, please send a note this way, telling me how we know each other so I can sleep at night. Thanks much- Amanda

Monday, May 2

Something Wicked This Way Comes!

Bad, bad idea...  
Here are the events that lead up to this scary event:

-In my new ward I decided to sit in the front row in Sacrament meeting
-My roommate is Jessica Major, who studied opera for a while
-I was feeling quite zealous today, in a new fun outfit
-I decided to suck up all my fears and be the first to bear testimony today
-When I was done, I was so relieved, and in conjunction with the above items, I then I sang my little heart out.

The second counselor in the bishopric came up and asked me to sing. in. sacrament!  I can't say no! But luckily he said I can just put a group together, so I don't have to do a solo. 
The third Sunday of this month, you know where I'll be. In my same front row seat, nervously bitting my nails. 
Wish me luck!