Wednesday, June 27

New Blog

To keep everyone updated on my doings in Texas my sweet sister Cami will be in charge of my mission blog:

It will have pictures, letters, and my address so you can all send me huge lovely letters! And I promise to write just as much as you write me! Love you all! And thank you for all your support, I really do have the best family and friends!!

Wednesday, June 20

Back to the Past

I went and visited my Grandma Peterson this past weekend to say goodbye before I leave. 
We had a lovely time chatting and she even pulled out her wedding dress for me to admire.

Isn't she darling!?

Can you imagine? She said she paid less then $50 for this dress! 

So so fun to see!

Tuesday, June 19

Too Cute Too Handle!

I can't get enough of these kiddles, and am going to miss them more then I can say!

First try:

You got it girl!

Classic Attitude:

Monday, June 18

more for Andrea

My hair was already wet in this photo. We almost forgot about pictures!

 Love the back!!

Wednesday, June 13