Tuesday, July 3

Bucket List

I have really been so fortunate in all of the adventures I have been able to fit in before I go on my biggest adventure for the next 18 months!

My brother took me out on the lake this past weekend and we had a BLAST! I did get my knees a little sun burnt, but it was totally worth it to be able to ski one last time before I go!

Cramming in for a picture

Getting ready to go to the lake!

Finally Dirk looks at the camera!!

 A little tube action!

Lookin fine after a wonderful day!

I have the best friends and family!

My very own Rodeo!

We went to the annual Strawberry Days Rodeo (can I just shout out my PG pride!!)
And am craptastic at using my camera, so I only have one picture, and it has nothing to do with the actual rodeo:
This is for Cami and Mariah!

But to fulfill all my hopes and dreams my forever friend Cassidy arranged my own rodeo with her sister's horse Jasper!

We were in a barn, and was the only rider except for this lady teaching a little kid on the white horse you can see in this picture.
 When I got there I said I was so excited I was like a 5 year old. The instructor with the little kid said, "well, he's four..." And my response to Cassi was that the kid didn't look half as excited as I was!

Tori, the owner of the horse said she has never seen someone who was so good with her horse as me! And that instructor lady said that I was a natural and even gave me a few pointers and I was posting and riding like a real cowgirl! 
(yes we did have to wear helmets, I guess I'm just getting ready for bike riding in the mission! If only I could ride a horse instead of a bike!)

So so happy, and really this was all I really REALLY wanted to do before I left to Texas. 
My mom says I need to marry a cowboy!