Sunday, September 25


Just realized this past week that I am taking 18 credits this semester. No wonder I have no free time, and feel like I'm going to die sometimes.

It's ok, because October is coming. I'm in love with October. I'm not sure if it's because it is my half birthday, or because it is represented by the color of my hair, but if I could- I would marry October.
We would make a cute couple don't you think?

Saturday, September 24

a bit obsessed

I could listen to this song over and over all day long. So pretty!

Friday, September 23

Knock on Wood

I don't want to jinx myself...
BUT can I just state that the saying "feast or famine" is very precise in my life.

Seriously right now, it's raining men... and I am totally alright with it!

Hopefully this feast lasts as long as this past famine.

2nd time is NOT the charm

Once upon a time I lived in China. I brought my lovely pink lappy top with me. While there it performed amazingly (though I probably contaminated it with many a virus, which were later removed), but my computer cord, on the other hand, became problematic. It got a short in the end that plugs into my computer. For a while I could just hold it in, and then I had to hold it in a funny position until one day it just wouldn't work anymore.
Luckily I had Shaw, who helped me jimmy-rig it.

Here is the result:

Really pretty right? Yes that is duck tape.

So, when I returned to the states, we ordered a new cord, and all has been well until this last week...

Now I have to hold this cord in to work.... So here goes the cycle again. :( Maybe 

Wednesday, September 14

Practically Perfect

Mary Poppins is playing at the Capitol Theater right now. I have such an amazing friend, Jessica, who loves me and my love for Broadway and invited me to go with her. We had awesome seats, and the stage is so cool! It was my second time seeing it, but it never fails to entertain. Those people are SO talented!

We had so much fun! The show is so family friendly and the dancing and props are AMAZING! Seriously so fun to watch. But if you are expecting the movie set on stage, you'll be disappointed. They change the story line and a few of the songs, but some of them for the better. Supercalifragilistic is an amazing song! I would love to learn the dance moves!

Jessica and I, we are both wearing our Supercalifragilistic shirts. Mine from about 3 years ago and her new one! 

Just to show my love, I wore my Mary Poppins shirt on the great wall ;)

These are my pictures from NY when I saw it there. 

This is when I saw it with Jocelyn. 

It was just as good as I remembered it! ... maybe even better...

Monday, September 12

oregon: wrap up

Here are some photos that weren't taken on my camera, so they are a bit random, but I still wanted to share. 

Our first day on our beach. It was really windy, and since our kites broke, I tied the tail onto Colty.

This is at the surfer beach. Colt and I are catching a wave on our sand bar.

Enjoying Oregon!

My lovely lighthouse.

Being a pack horse at the cobblestone beach. I am such a good auntie!


Holding a hermit crab. Look at Colt and Braden- haha

My lighthouse. I bought a lighthouse calender last week! I'm excited!

A better view of the anenomes and the purple sea urchins. 

OREGON was a blast! I highly recommend it!

oRaGoN: CoBbLe BeAcH

 Cobble beach is right next to the light house, and since we wanted to see the tide pools we had to do them a different day when the tide was low.

It was a foggy day. I love the look of the lighthouse.

This is a cool little cave a bit off from the lighthouse. I wish I could explore the cave! 

Down at cobble beach are the tide pools. 

Where the STARFISH LIVE! Apparently they live in groups and here are about 8 of them. 

Starfish are deceiving, they are as hard as rocks.

We were able to touch anenomes and sea urchins. The anenomes close up when you touch them, and it was way cool!

This is the pretty cobble stone beach. The rocks are a purple grey.

 They told us this is the only place in the world where you will hear these sounds on the ocean. When the tide recedes back into the ocean the water rushing over the rocks sounds like one of those rain sticks. It is such a beautiful sound.

Braden is my little buddy, and we had so much fun on the beach!

Isn't he the cutest?!

Friday, September 2

or a gon: car

We had a lot of car time but kept ourselves entertained. 
Here are our funny faces!


He's trying to make my same face.

Isn't he cute?! 
When they first picked me up at the airport, Braden pulled his usual question and asked "hooww'd y-you get here?!" When I told him I was on a airplane he said "No you didn't!"

Colt and his pirate face.

Tanner and his straw gun.

He insisted on a side view.

Then of course Colt needed a straw picture too.

And my pirate face. Arg.
(notice tanner's face in the background!)

Thursday, September 1


MY FAVORITE PART OF THE TRIP! This is the only lighthouse I have ever been to in person and it was SO neat! Call me what you like: but this was sweet!

This is the tallest lighthouse in Oregon. It sits so far off the ocean that the light can be seen around the curve of the earth!
(I wasn't supposed to be standing on the grass, thus the awkward picture.)

Braden and the lighthouse. (he was so excited to be in this picture)

View from the front door.

Built in 1872, and we were there on the 139th anniversary! 

We had to wait in line to go inside. As you can tell by Tanner's face it was really bright.

This is the view up the stairs. They are the originals.

The boys did really good for the first half, then they got scared. Colt waited on a landing while we went the rest of the way up.

When the lighthouse was first built the lighthouse keeper would have to stay up in the top of the lighthouse the whole time the light was burning. To light up their sitting area they had these prisms built into the ceiling between them and the bulb.

This is Kate and Tanner going up to see the bulb. 

The view from the top of the lighthouse! 

The bulb, and I love the reflection!

The stairs from the top looking down. All 111 of them!