Sunday, February 26

Baby, baby, baby ooohhh

It's true. I'll admit it. I'm a baby hog.
But how can I NOT want to hold this little precious thing every minute of every day!?!
He is darling.
And can I just say that I love the smell of babies. (excluding the diaper changing smell)
Baby Drew, I love you!!!

Tuesday, February 21


Gum Wall, Seattle

Dear girls who live in my stairwell,

Gum is disgusting everywhere except in your mouth or in the garbage. This includes on the stairs leading to my apartment.

So please refrain from spitting your gum out where I will be able to step on it.

Thanks much.

Monday, February 13

I have a bit of a problem...

You know you have issues when you have done all of your laundry and ALL of your clothes are clean and you have no more room in your dresser or closet...

possible addict?
possible hoarder?

All I know is that a month ago I quit my job at a clothing company and now this manifests itself....


Sunday, February 12


Favorite quotes of the week:

"Sometimes I have to introduce people to the pavement, that's always interesting..."

I would love to have to say this to someone someday:
"Here, let me introduce you to the pavement!"

"There comes a time in your life 
when you have to let go of all the pointless drama 
and the people who create it, 
and surround yourself 
with people who make you laugh so hard 
that you forget the bad 
and focus solely on the good. 
After all, life is too short to be anything but happy."

a lover not a fighter

I had a real tough week.
Remember the talent show? Well, we taped those glow sticks on with packaging tape. And it wasn't until the  performance was over that I realized I had been wounded. It took me a full day to figure out it was the stupid tape dispenser, the sharp teeth that cut me. It really stung, and when my hand was even the littlest bit dry it burned. 

(the picture doesn't do it justice)

Cassidy and I went on an adventure in which she parked right next to a huge pine tree. When I got out of the car she asked if she parked too close, but I was able to get out just fine. 
The problem came when it was time for me to get back into the car. 
I didn't want to lean to far back into the tree, and when I opened the door it met my face. I fell into the car cradling my head. Cass couldn't tell if I was laughing or crying and had to shut the door for me since I was occupied thinking I was dying. 
After a few minutes I pulled my hand back and saw blood. 
Yep, I hit myself with a car door and drew blood. 

Man, I have problems. I think I need to live in a bubble. Then I can't hurt myself. 

Saturday, February 11

We've got Talent!

We had the ward (un) talent show last week.
My roomies Jodi and Cassi and our friend Anna all put this together:

The quality is not that great, but I hope you get the idea!
So much fun!

Friday, February 10

Love these kids

There are some families that I just wish I could adopt into my life. The Ellis family is one of them.
Their parents went to a dental convention and I got the pleasure of hanging out with these guys while they were gone.

We had a birthday celebration and the kids put this little beauty together :)

The Birthday Girl

 Yeah, they think I'm cool.

We always have a good time, especially our dance parties in the kitchen. Best ever!

Wednesday, February 8

And he makes 6:

Welcome to the world my newest nephew! Drew Jordan Peterson born January 21st

So precious! I just love babies!!

Tuesday, February 7

Guess What Time It Is

One more month of classes left. 4 weeks left of clinical. As soon as that is done I can schedule for the boards.
Currently these two books are my new best friends. April will be here sooner than we think.