Monday, April 23

It's a Whipped Cream Day, I wait for it the whole year round!

Sometimes I wake up with the most RANDOM songs stuck in my head. 
Today it was this one:

No idea why, but it sure is a happy one!!

Wednesday, April 18

girls night out... to a scary movie

These little ladies and I went to:

And what did I learn? If guys want Randee to be all over them, take her to a scary movie. I have never met anyone who has freaked out so bad!

It had a few of my really good friends in it, remember the Mad Hatter from Once Upon a Time:

And good old Seneca Crane from Hunger Games (super handsome by the way!)

And this guy wasn't that bad to look at either...

But this chick's hair in the movie was CRAZY! Dunno if she just didn't want to do it or what?!

And I must be on an Amanda Seyfried kick, because here she is again.

Not going to lie the movie was kinda slow and boring, but I did really enjoy the ending. It was kinda vindictive, and had some girl power to it. But it was fun for a night out with the girls anyway!

Monday, April 16

Movie Review

I have been watching a lot of movies lately. I guess it's just that I have a lot more free time since school is over, and that since my love life is put on hold for the next two years, I can live vicariously through the movie screen. :)

I'll start with the oldest (in production, not necessarily when I saw it)

In Time

In Time Film

If you see it for nothing else other then the beautiful Justin Timberlake (though not the best actor I've ever seen), there is also Matt Bomer (hello handsome!), and I know you will probably judge me because of this but I kinda have a crush on Cillian Murphy. He always seems to play the creepy guys (Batman, Red Eye...) But I can't help but appreciate his blue blue eyes.  

 Plus I do quite like Amanda Seyfried. (and how can I not support a fellow red-head... at least in this movie)

Yes it may be a little bit sci-fi, but I really liked the concept of this movie. Everyone grows in age until they turn 25 and then they stop aging and have one year on their clock of life. Time is the currency, and when you run out of time you die.  

And truly if nothing else there is this AMAZING scene in the movie where Justin's character and his mom (shown below played by Olivia Wilde) are running towards one another, and I seriously watched the whole movie again just so I could see that one scene. So beautifully done.

I really, really enjoyed this movie and would probably purchase it I enjoyed it that much. I'd give it a 8 on a scale of 1-10.

Thursday, April 12

Table For One

sometimes i worry i am being to loud and then i remember. oh yeah
 i dont have roommates.


-when there is only one of you instead of four the random visitors stopping by is cut down DRASTICALLY. which has made me have to go out and get out in public or else sit home like a bump on a log

-don't forget your keys because the only set of keys will be locked inside

-not having a built in friend to talk to every night is not so fun

-but only having your own messes, no one else's dirty dishes or stuff laying around is GREAT!

-having 2 locks on the front door, plus your bedroom door locked as well as the shower locked is the only way comfort to sleep comes.

-getting dressed is hard when you need someone's opinion on your outfit (luckily there is such a thing as camera phones)

-loving not having to share the covered parking spot

-only relying on your own groceries in an emergency is sometimes hard. I only needed one more egg for the recipe. :(

-bonus: silence every morning. no other alarms going off or people moving about.

-studying for my boards has been great while having a whole silent apartment for myself (but I'm ready for friends!!)

It's been a good learning experience, but things are sure going to be different when I have to have a companion with me 24/7.

But I'm excited: I miss people!! I am definitely a people-person!

Wednesday, April 11

If You Don't Love Your Body... Who Will??

I'm trying to be more healthy (yes, it's true, I am going on a cruise in less then 30 days) and though I've never had a beach body- I'm doing this for myself and not for others.  One of my favorite quotes posted on my bathroom mirror says "it's not about the perfect size, it's about a HEALTHIER you"
So, as I am attempting to make this life-change, I found this little gem. Really I had such a fun time that all the sudden the video was over and I was wanting more.
Plus so fun to listen to their accents- give it a try the next time you put your running shoes on!