Sunday, December 18

Tuesday, December 13

The Muppets

I was having one of "those" days, so I decided to treat myself!
I convinced my roomies: Cassidy and Corinne, to come with me to the late show. 
We had a real good time.
I liked it!

(sidenote: if you expect this movie to be a movie put on by the muppets (ie: Muppets Treasure Island) it is not such. It is a movie about getting the muppets together)
It was good, it just wasn't what I was expecting. 

But the music does get stuck in your head, and we loved some of the great one liners:

"You gave us the greatest gift!"
"No... the third greatest gift..."
"Oh laughter!"

Update on the facts.

If your interested:

Wednesday, December 7

School Spirit

Facebook has been lit up by this article:

Everyone is so upset, and all in an uproar. Here are some of the posts:

This is why i left. BYU-I doesn't believe in free agency. They take it too far.

 the honor code is becoming an overgrown shrub that needs to be trimmed back. Students are speaking out against something they don't agree with, and it's their God-given right to do it. The "skinny jean" debacle is perhaps a tipping point for a lot of people who are growing tired of being treated like children.

 My wife's pants are skinny but not immodest. We have don't have the money to buy her a whole new wardrobe so she can wear MOM PANTS! This is ridiculous. I can't wait to graduate I'm all BYU-ed out now.

Sooo glad I peaced out of that school...I wear skinny jeans like, every day! Unbelievable...

It gets me all heated, and I have made a few drafts on people's posts, but don't think it is the appropriate place, and I don't want to cause drama. So here are my feelings, my thoughts, take them as you will:

For one second can I tell you how much it drives me bonkers that people complain about BYU-Idaho?!? Seriously it gets me so riled up! Especially when it is people who go there! YOU had a choice in what school to go to! Usually when I say that, the response is this was the only school they could afford, or their parents will only pay for school if they go to this one. Well then guess what buddy: 

As for the whole article thing:
I don't think the real problem is skinny jeans: it's people who classify jeggings or leggings as skinny jeans. It's not only the honor code that says that "clothing should not be form fitting." But also the For the Strength of Youth says "immodest clothing includes tight clothing and other revealing attire." 
So if you have a problem with that standard, you have a problem with the church's standard. 

And to all those people who say that BYU-Idaho is taking away their free agency, how is this any different from a private elementary school that wears uniforms?! 
You chose the school and that means you chose it's rules. 
They didn't come to you begging you to come get a great education through them. The school has a standard and if you don't meet it they don't want you there. 

Ok, I'm done. I've got it all out and you won't hear more on the subject. Thanks for your time. xoxo

Tuesday, December 6

Don't loose your pen.

No pen = no notes
No notes = no study
No study = failure
Failure = no diploma
No diploma = no money
No money = no food
No food = get skinny
Get skinny = get ugly
Get ugly = no marriage
No marriage = no kids
No kids = no generation
No generation = SUDDEN DEATH. 

(tip: don't loose your pen.) 

From my cute little Rollins girls. My favorite part is the ugly skinny girl. Yep, go eat a burger! By this logic it'll land you a husband! 

Monday, December 5

After 21 years...

For the first time in my life I now fully understand Star Wars. It may have taken a two-hour-in-depth conversation with 2 well versed 11 year olds... But I now know who each character is and how they are connected from the first episodes to the last ones. I could also see the gospel connection. The whole story line pieced together. I can now see the obsession. I actually viewed it firsthand. 
 It was a breakthrough. You should be proud. 

Sunday, December 4

Everlasting Love

Last weekend we had an in depth conversation about proposals. My brother's friend is gearing up for the big day, and we were all discussing the "best" way for him to pop the question.

My suggestion was full of roses, and love notes, and ending with him in a tux. 
It was quickly shot down. The people I was with are more on the traditional dinner proposal side. Me? I say go big or go home. 

So when I saw this I couldn't help but share.
Love it!!

(this is kinda a long video, but it's the first few minutes -the proposal- is what I love!)

Saturday, December 3

Weber State Student

Did you hear about the wind storm up in Ogden this week? 
I got 3 phone calls, 3 texts, 2 emails, and so did my mom. 
Weber State University apparently doesn't look at campus location when they send out their high alerts. 
It's true I'm getting my degree through them, but have only been on campus 8 times in the past 2 years. 
But if I was on campus there was a real threat. One student got sent to the hospital.

Look at some of the destruction: 






CRAZY huh! 
It would have been cool to see it in person! 

Saturday, November 19

Vampires VS Warewolves

Christian had a party to celebrate his birthday. 
I was one of the chosen to come celebrate at his murder mystery party. 

I was the vampire Prince's scion. He bit me and then I was his slave. 

Cass was a fairy: and MAN did we have fun dressing up!

I got really into it, even pulling my bangs back!

Trying to get into character.

Murder is my middle name. 

We had seriously so much fun!

Love my adventures with Cass! 

Wednesday, November 16

A Little Goofy...

Stand out is my apartments "official" song. We may or may not have turned off all the lights and had a little strobe light dance party in the kitchen this past week.

Coming Soon: a movie night featuring this very classic!

Monday, November 14

Attn: Lady Gaga

"When we fold our arms and exclaim defiantly, 
"It's just the way I am" or 
"I was born this way," 
we are denying the miracle of Christ
---not just to save, but to redeem."

-Brad Wilcox, The Continuous Atonement

Saturday, November 12

Conference October 2011

This year my momma got tickets from her ward to go to the Relief Society session of General Conference. So I invited some of my girls and we went.

Corinne, my roommate. Shantel, who is in my program. Dawn my sister-in-law, and my mom.
I ran across the street (a trait from China I'm afraid) and ended up having to wait for them. 

On our way to the conference center we walked through temple square. While walking a nice man stopped us and asked if he could take pictures of us. He works for the church to put pictures in the conference Ensign. We were delighted. It was such a compliment to stop us.
Sadly there are no pictures of us in the Ensign, and he said he would send me the pictures, but hasn't.
Either way we felt like superstars and made for a fun story and a fun outing!

Friday, November 11


Halloween Night I went with Cassidy to my parents for soup and over to the ward's trunk or treat. We also went to our ward's dance party, and then up to Justin's cabin to watch a scary movie. 
(Insidious: super scary if you ask me- I don't like movies with cliff hangers)
It was a great halloween, I just wish I had more pictures to show!

This is officially my FAVORITE halloween costume to date! I borrowed the dress and pearls, but bought everything else. I don't have a shot of my shoes, but I even went all out and bought them to match. I seriously want to buy myself a flapper dress because I LOVED IT! 

With my little piggie, and cow.  Man it was so cute when they would say Happy Halloween: "Appy Hoween!" And they were very good and said trick-or-treat everyvtime! 
Half way through trick-or-treating Madolyn said "this is too much candy!" They are so funny!


This girl is so much fun! I love her! Who wouldn't want a roommate who is 
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba BATMAN!?!

Thursday, November 10


I seriously hadn't carved pumpkins for like FOREVER. I really can't recall the last time I did. So I was excited when it was announced that we were carving pumpkins for FHE. And they turned out fine!

We were on teams. Jacob cleaned ours out, and then I carved most of it.

After carving the little details, I remembered why I hadn't carved a pumpkin in a while.

Jenny and Meagan- Amy left before the picture was taken

Their beautiful spider- and Mike's face.

Kris and Mike and their baby. 

The only pumpkin that was carved into a face. 

Micklane and Issac and their awesome pumpkin.

They didn't use a stencil, they just drew it and did it!

Corinne was in charge of the pumpkin seeds. 
And they were yummy!

Wednesday, November 9

How to Host a Murder

Can I just tell you how much I love Halloween?!
I held my annual Murder Mystery Party, this year with 20 people instead of the usual 8. (not sure I'll ever put on such a big party like this again- man that was A LOT of work!)
Heavens Bless my sweet mother and awesome sister-in-law who helped me with the food. I COULD NOT have done this without them.

The layout (I forgot to get a picture of our main dish: dinner in a pumpkin.)

7 layer bean dip

Ghosts: White Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

My Veggie Man

Spiders were taking over our Deviled Eggs

The game was Monsters and Murder. Everyone in the group was a different monster, and it was really great how everyone got into character!

Yeti Berg


Pummy Kenface

Livan Gan

Onyx Blazen

Apari Shon

Howlie Moon and Oculon Mono

Pyra Med

Minot Orman

Ozbourne of the Dark

Royal Pong

Tankenstein and Octavus Recluse

Onyx Blazen, Teddie Frugal, Pyra Med

Bogarti Bubonic, Dr. Heckyl/Mr. Jive, Ozbourne of the dark

Vorhee Myers, Oculon Mono, Apari Shon

And the killing begins

Our host: Grimoth Jones, then Vorhee, Onyx, Teddie, Pyra, and Ozbourne

Explaining some rules. (don't you love Pummy Kenface's green top of the head?!) 

Dragula making an announcemnent

Picking up some clues.

The ghost and the cyclops 


 I wish you could see Howlie Moon's face paint. I didn't get a full on shot of her, but it was amazing!

Poor Pyra. (But what a great actress! I love my acting friends!)

Love this shot! They look so happy!

Who do you think dunnit?!

The group of us!

Thanks to everyone who came and made the night so memorable! I have the best friends!
A gigantic thank you to my parents for letting me use their home for the night.
And to Momma and Dawn for putting in a full day in the kitchen, and for putting up with me when things were coming down to the wire: I love you! This would not have come together without you. Seriously I would probably, to this day, still be trying to figure out how to cook the rice to put in our pumpkin.

Until next year: happy haunting!