Saturday, January 28


I just finished addressing 30 envelopes for a bridal shower.
I can't help but be grateful that I don't have to worry about the 100's of envelopes that I will be doing for my own wedding.

This is a rare thing that I don't wish I was planning my own wedding.

But right now, in this moment.

I'm content.

Friday, January 27

Happy Birthday Jaw-dye!

This is Jodi my roomie! 
Her birthday was last week and we PARTIED! 
Really we had like 3 parties. 
A cupcake party
after our bowling party
and then a weekend party.
You could say we are party people.




Jodi and Kate

Happy Birthday Dear! May all your wishes come true!!

Thursday, January 26

the interview

It was a group interview (not my favorite), but the interviewer was super super nice.
The problem is that I have no idea how it went. I left having no idea how they pick out of the 10 of us in the interview. Everyone seemed so great!
It must be completely lead by the Spirit.
So if it works out then it was supposed to happen...

Wish me Luck!

Today I have my interview to be an EFY counselor.
This is something I have wanted to do ever since I went to EFY myself.
I have been here before, about two years ago I had an interview, but I'm not sure that calms my fears, since it didn't work out then...  I'm just going to try and keep busy up until my interview time.
Gah... I'm so nervous!

Wednesday, January 25

Ring in the New Year!

This beautiful girl invited me to be her date for a New Years Party. 
We went to a play at Hale Center Theater in Salt Lake City: The Games Afoot.
It was so much fun to have set plans for the night, and it was fun to get all dressed up.
We went with her parents and had a lovely time! 

Welcome 2012!

Sunday, January 22

Your Future is as bright as your Faith.

This talk is amazing. President Monson's Be of Good Cheer. I was having a bad day and this really lifted my spirits. Give it a go :)

Saturday, January 21

According to a 2 year old

This is my darling youngest niece Avery. She is carrying my temple purse, wearing my shoes, carrying my dress and her panties.
She changes her clothes about 5 times a day, and loves purses and necklaces, basically anything girly. Her parents better watch out, they've got a little diva on their hands!

While I was getting ready after doing baptisms at the temple yesterday she had to do everything I did. She brushed and brushed her short blond hair (most of the time using the wrong side of the comb!) I put cream eye shadow on her, a little bit of powder foundation, and she even let me curl her eyelashes. It was so stinkin' cute how interested she was.

I asked her how old I am and she told me that I am 7, then later on while talking about her soon-to-be new baby brother I asked her if I am a boy or a girl. She answered and said that I am a boy.
Yep, here I stand a 7 year old boy, at least in the eyes of that 2 year old!

Friday, January 20

the devil inside

After announcing that I am Satan, my friend said that in fact I am the mistress of Satan.

I thought about that and then said, "I don't want to be in love with Satan, I just want to say I am him."

-That is now the quote of my friend's day. Yep, that cool.

A little Devilish

Sometimes my natural man is in control. I know it's bad.

And all I can think is:


The universe aligned:

I posted about that song and TWICE I turned on my radio yesterday and guess what was playing. Yep, theme song for yesterday!

Thursday, January 19


I have now listened to this song about 10 times: just a tiny bit obsessed.

Tuesday, January 17

My Best Friend's Wedding

This cute couple is getting married this March, and Andrea asked ME to be her Maid of Honor!!!

I feel like I need to watch 27 Dresses, Made of Honor, My Best Friend's Wedding and every other wedding movie so I can fulfill all of my duties! (except for the fact that in most of those movies there are quite the mishaps in the plots: we'll avoid that!)

We already did our run of "Say Yes to the Dress" and found something absolutely stunning (just you wait Justin!!)
Now it's onto more exciting wedding planning!! Loving EVERY minute of it! (seriously I am so glad that I am able to see someone else plan their wedding so beautifully before I have to try!)

And who knew that when I was given this title I would get SIX gorgeous long stemmed roses! LOVE YOU Andrea and Justin!

Friday, January 6

Thank you DownEast!

I got my job at DownEast spring break 2008. I left for 3 semesters of college and a trip across the world, but always came back. Working holiday sales, building my wardrobe, and making memories.
What I will miss most is my friends that DownEast gave me. I will miss seeing those happy faces at least twice a week, and laughing during meetings. Hearing their advice on my life, and granted the blessing of being a part of theirs. I have made some lifelong friends, and our paths might have never crossed without this job. So here's to you, those still there and those who left before I did. I love you all!

Jessica Crosby
Brittany Anderson
Lexie Carr
Ron Camomile
Jen Grover
Jamie Hanson

Abby Howard

Jessica White
Cassidy Turner
Jessica Dent
Jessica Dalton
Amanda Seeley
Janica Ellsworth
Melissa Shoell
Abrie Lunt
McKenna Brady
Salina Johnson
Kelsey Poulson
Natalie Williams
Mallory Straus
Carlee Chase
Paige Ituma
Adam Jaynes
Alisha Wessman
Mandy Riley
Alisha Larson

That one girl who worked for one day
That one girl who worked here and at Chilli's
That one girl who was going into politics at BYU
The only other boy that worked there

and anyone else that I might have forgotten!

Love you lots! Please keep in touch!

Thursday, January 5

Wednesday, January 4

One day I'll go there...

"How the other half lives!
Poor? Not me, honey
I don't want those money woes
I'll marry Paul or Dave or Rob or Peter
So I can buy my clothes at 

Saks Fifth Avenue
Bergdorf Goodman too
The privileged few plus you-know-who
How the other half lives"

Tuesday, January 3

Radiology Humor

This is a cookie.
This is a cookie with an eatable picture on it.
This is a cookie with an eatable picture of a x-ray film.
This is a cookie with an eatable picture of an x-ray film of someone's kidneys, ureters, and bladder.

Welcome to extra credit in a radiography technologist's class.

Monday, January 2

We've got a jumper!!

We inherited some fish at my apartment. I was out studying in my living room, went back into my room for a minute and when I came back out to clean up my mess I found this fish! He was breathing really fast, and scared my pants off! I was not expecting it at all! So I scooped him back up and put him in the fish tank. It took a bit, but he came back to life!

A blurry picture of the little guy

I can't figure out how to flip this picture, but if you look closely you can see him in the middle of the couch, and the fish tank in the top corner.

Who knew I'd be saving a life that day!

Sunday, January 1

The True Meaning of CHRISTmas

A sure sign that my niece Madolyn had been to my parents was the movement of the nativities. She thought it was appropriate that they all circle around the baby Jesus. Sometimes even combining two different nativities. 

How much more realistic that everyone would have been circling around, not in a half circle like we usually have set up. 
And just as she depicted, shouldn't we have the Savior the center of our lives too?

Happy Thanksgiving... OH I mean Happy New Year!

I went through my camera on my phone today and found some great treasures I never blogged about: but better late then never! 

Nothing like butter shaped like a turkey to get me in the holiday mood!