Thursday, June 30

D O N E!

This semester and I have shared some bad times. 
It is hard going to school when the rest of the world is playing. 
It's also hard because it's a short semester.
 But I am happy to say that minus a few loose ends I still need to trim, the majority is DONE!
Tomorrow it's just me, a good book, and the sunshine!

Let's just hope another freak rainstorm doesn't come our way!

Friday, June 17

Just call me Michael Jackson.

(this semester is taking over my life so sorry for lack of posts)

This is what I get for trying to be helpful.
Today at clinical I was looking for some missing items for one of our rooms, and being the shorty pants that I am was jumping up and down trying to reach this high shelf.

Standing up straight, with my arm in the air, the top of my fingers barely reach the bottom of that top cupboard. One of the other techs was using the step stool, and the day before I had looked through a few of them by jumping up, grabbing the handle and swinging it open. 
As I was doing that today my hand came down exactly on top of that handle on the cupboard underneath it. I knew immediately that I had done bad.

Luckily I am at a hospital, and after some lidocaine, an alcohol wipe, some antibacterial ointment, and a fancy band aid here it is! 

It is in a really stupid spot, so my amazing friend came up with this idea.

And everyone called me Michael for the rest of the day. 

Tuesday, June 7

It's a SIGN...

I think it may be a sign that I'm losing my mind.

After FHE last night I convinced Corinne to come with me on a Pizza run.  Halfway to Little Caesars I realized that I had left my wallet AT HOME! 
I was one of those awful date stories you hear about, when the guy asks a girl out and then makes her pay! I had convinced Corinne to come with me, and then she ended up paying! 

It was just a good thing that we are good enough friends that she didn't think I am a total retard.  Great way to convince the girl I am moving in with next semester that I am competent right? Maybe I should avoid her until I move in so I can keep all my quirks a secret, and then she can't change her mind!  

Monday, June 6

It's all fun and games until someone gets HURT!

A recent activity had a few of us playing the game would you rather?
In said game one person states two gross, weird, absurd things and everyone else has to pick which one they would rather do.

Some of my favorites were would you rather:
lick a doorknob, or eat a piece of gum off the street?
eat a crayon, or a piece of chalk?
death by fire, or giant mosquitos?
get a chunk of hair ripped out, or staple your finger?

I then got a call a few days later from one of the girls playing the game. She said she had news that would make my day.
While at work that day, she had in fact STAPLED HER OWN FINGER!

Beware: your choice in this game may come true. 

Sunday, June 5


A dear friend of mine and I were talking about the drama and heartache that some people put themselves through. There is a protection from heartache, caused by alcohol, drugs, and immorality, when living the gospel. It hurts my heart to see friends of mine, not realize this. The friend I was talking to then turned to me and referring to the gospel said, "even if this isn't true, it is a great way to live life." I can't agree more. I know that it's true, but even if I wake up dead and find out that it isn't, I wouldn't regret it.