Tuesday, July 19

Thoughts from this week:

- the only constant in this life is change.

-one can find humor in any situation.

-faith  displaces fear


-"Gimmie Gimmie, that thing called LOVE..."  

-live well, LAUGH OFTEN, love much, 

Thursday, July 7

They call the thing Rodeo

Strawberry Days. I missed you last year, but you didn't disappoint.

Jessica and I, she is basically my twin. We have so many similarities it is creepy, but makes for a grand time!

The rest of the crew: Chantel, and David in the back. David was pretty sad that he didn't have boots to go with his hat... even though this was his first rodeo. Literally. He didn't even know it was a sit down event!

So this is Paige and her boy Chad. He is from Canada, and freaking hilarious. Did you know that in Canada a garbage disposal is called a garbonator? True fact.

He also coined the phrase "THREE CHEERS FOR DANGER!" My favorite quote of the night. Seriously almost every bull rider got bucked off in a crazy manner. It made for a good show though. 

I love me some cowboys, and the Rodeos that go with it!

point blank

My sister told me that my posts are really random, and weird. So I am changing my blog-serum a bit and am going to catch up on the excitement in my life:

Starting with this:

Jessica's 21st birthday dinner.
Mango ice cream :)

Jessica and I have been friends since high school. Then out of total randomness we became roommates last semester. She then got her mission call to New York, and has since moved out. (She actually leaves next week :( 

This is Andrea, Jessica, and I. We are self appointed "Hair Commercial": blond, brunette, and red head. We have been celebrating birthdays with a special birthday dinner since high school. 

Jessica chose Bombay House, which has great murals.

But if offered Rose Milk, DENY IT! Throw it on the ground an stomp on it. Grossest thing I have EVER tasted. And I lived in China and ate some weird crap. It tastes just like perfume.
 It was so nasty I had to put a piece of gum in before the meal came. YUCK! 

I gave her for her birthday something to help us remember each other. The exact same pair of earrings in different colors.
See  silver, gold, and like a red gold.

Trying to get all of the earrings in the photo was quite and adventure.

Especially with photo bombers!

Her hair was attacking me, I swear!

 I love these girls!

Tuesday, July 5


Don't hate me. 

I have to break something to you though....

I don't like flip flops.

You, you wear them.  That's fine.  
But I just don't like to. I don't know why. 

But that's the truth. 

Sunday, July 3

Funny... real funny

My baby sister thinks she's funny.
 See the post below. 
Yep, left my window up, and look what happens. 

(I guess it's ok just because I do love her.)

She gets that from me.

Allow me to take a brief moment to let the whole world know that I have seriously been blessed with the best little (big) sister in the world. She may be taller than me but I love her all the more for it. Crazy to boot, and more fun than a barrel of monkeys, we always have a blast together. Last night we went the the Stadium of Fire with the parentals and I realized that she is the yin to my yang, the cheese to my macaroni, the pizza to my pie. We danced, we screamed, we sang (slightly too loud and off tune mind you) and made friends with the girl sitting next to us. I think Kelly Clarkson said it the best when she said- My Life Would Suck Without You. Here's to you Carmen. I sure do you love you!


"Man, she has got some LUNGS!"

the last time I checked... we all do. two of them actually. 

Just sayin.

Friday, July 1

Mr. Sun sun Mr. Golden Sun

I'm a red head, shocker right?!

Well with that red hair comes fair skin, which does not tan.

A very tan friend of mine came up to compare skin tones the other day, and I told him the best part about it: I never have to worry about tan lines!

Oh baby oh baby!