Thursday, October 20

Heaven Help Me!

Heaven only knows how I am getting through some of these tests this semester. Let's just say I am VERY blessed. With 18 credits, and being self taught: I must have a guardian angel looking out for me.

Or maybe...

 It's magic! Because we know that there has to be some extra help coming from somewhere!

Wednesday, October 19

"I put a SPELL on you!"

Each year Gardner Village host Witches Night Out for the ladies. 
This year I grouped some of my favorite witches for the evening out.

And man did we look FINE!

 Cami even came down for the event. Rexburg is just too far away :( I don't get to see this girl enough.

 We were tame compared to some of the ladies who truly went ALL OUT!

We saw the Puritans, some vampire women (fully dressed in Victorian dresses), a real live owl, and some witch doctors including some on stilts.

It was just so entertaining to see what some people come up with.

Witch-i-ness runs in the family :)

So fun to have this crazy sister home for the weekend, and for the adventure.

We missed the rest of our sisterhood: Kate and Dawn. 

Loved the adventure, and the excuse to dress up! 

Thursday, October 13

What goes around, comes around.

Mallory picked me to do the new trend of the 7 random things post. I'm pretty sure I'm pretty random anyway, but here we go:

My sister Cami already posted about this one, but I am older, so even though she told you first it's not a copy-cat. 1- Thomas the Train creeps me out. As well as Wallace and Gromit (though unlike Cami, I'm ok with Rudolf- just not the abominable snow monster: creepy!) And some puppets- not Sesame Street, but especially ventriloquist dummies. Scary!

2- I have my toe nails painted year-round. And I don't let them get to the chippy stage, or grown out. I love nail polish, and hate my feet. Therefore painting them makes me feel better about life.

3- If I would have been a boy, my parents would have named me Clinton. 

4-I have a ~7 inch scar on my right lower back from a trampoline spring when I was a little child. 

5- I love flowers. Lilacs are my favorite, and I would have them in my wedding bouquet, but they only bloom for like one week a year, so that would be hard to plan around. But when I grow up I will have rose bushes, lilac bushes, and sunflowers in the summer, and huge flower beds. And fresh cut flowers on my kitchen table, all the time! I love them! I know it's kinda old fashioned, and lots of girls say they'd prefer a different gift since flowers die, but I think it is so sweet and love the thought of flowers coloring up my bedside table.  

6-I sleep with socks. The only time I have EVER gone consistently without doing so, was in China when it was so hot at night we all wanted to die. 

7- If I could change anything on my body it would be my eyesight. I hate having to depend on contacts for any sort of vision. It gets annoying after almost 10 years of being blind. -Oh how nice it would be to wake up one morning and be able to see my alarm clock from where I am laying. 

-That's it, that was hard. Hope I was clever enough. So now to pass the obligation on: Andrea, Jammie, Anna, Erin, Cassidy, Stephanie, and Joelle. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 12

Be Kind to Frankenstein!

It's the best month of the year! It is the only other holiday, other than Christmas, that people go all out on. And we decorated our apartment and went ALL OUT!

This is the corner of the room with x-ray films cut out in the shapes of a skull, haunted house, and bat.

This is Cassidy,  my lovely-fun-creative-sidekick-roommate of mine! 

Did I mention we have a spider problem?!

Love my little dancing skeletons!

Can you tell how excited I am?! 

I'm not sure how to rotate this image... but I love the dollar store for little finds like this! Such a freaking cute door mat!

This is the entrance to our apartment. Frank is very welcoming. (Cass hates this photo, she was shy about her model walk!)

My pride and joy: 


All the black is cut out x-ray films. The spider shows an MRI of the skull. Super cool and creepy!

Isn't it great that my door was already green?!

(he's actually not scary at all....)

Frank's just creepin' lookin' at us. 

But we're excited about it! 

-I'm ready for you Halloween! I finally decided what I'm going to be and CAN'T WAIT! I don't even have big plans for the big night, but I'm excited none the less!