Saturday, April 30

"The Wedding of the Century"

I overheard someone say this:

"last time I checked we won the war, 
so we don't have to care..."

Hilarious! I mean it is interesting and all, like every wedding is, but I didn't stay up all night to watch it, I didn't even record it. In 15 minutes heard all about it from a friend who was obsessed. 
Personally, I just wish something else was on TV tonight. That's all. 

Thursday, April 28

Another year older and wiser too!

Either kids these days are looking younger or I am getting older....  

Today when I went to the dollar store, yep I went again, this little boy was pulling in right in front of me.  Seriously he looked like he was 12.  

Yes, I had a birthday. The BIG TWO ONE!

I even went today and got my drivers license renewed. Yep, I'll get one that is landscape, all big and grownup-like. (and be jealous: in and out of the DMV in 15 minutes, that's a record!)

So now for the party update:

We had a TIKI party, out in my apartment Solarium on Saturday night. I decided I wanted to have a mocktail party since I am of drinking age now, so I had a tiki theme and virgin margarettas.  It was so fun! Andrea and I bought the supplies on Thursday, and I wanted to decorate right then. I was so excited. 

I can't get the picture to rotate! sorry...

That day I woke up and got ready and prepared the food for the party. Then as a family we went to Zupas! Which I love! (except for the part that I said those exact words and then toppled my full glass of water onto my lap!)  

Then Andrea took me for my birthday surprise: 

Which I love! I told her a long time ago that since I am in X-rays that I am obsessed with skeletons right now. I said that I wanted a decal to put on my car, and she reveals that I get to pick one out for my birthday!!!  The coolest part was that we got to personalize it! We decided we liked this one's body but not the head that it originally had on it. So we switched around heads, moved it's arm, moved it's spinal cord, and added ribs. (if you can't tell the eyes are hearts!) It is amazing what those people can do! I love it! (the only problem is that I am currently car-less since my dad is trying to sell my car...)

Here are the other pictures from our adventure at the mall. 

Jessica joined us, hope we win the cruise!

No birthday is complete without Vance, our trusty birthday-cousin-of-elmo. He got some great looks from the ladies that day! :)

Chinese Birthday dinner!

Andrea's chopstick had issues. 

My baby!

Then it was party prep time, and then the P-A-R-T-Y! Which was so amazing! 
It was kinda interesting to see all the different aspects of people in my life to come together, but I loved the support I have from all of my friends.  It was a smash, and I am so grateful to all those who helped make my day so memorable! Yay for birthdays!!

Monday, April 25

Spring Sphere Search

This is in Sanya, China. Where I was last year for Easter.

This is the year before that. The Easter Bunny and I are TIGHT!

And I don't yet have the pictures from this year, and I'm not even sure if they turned out, but today included:
A cartwheel contest
A hands-up stands up contest (or as Jordan calls it hands up 7 up...)
Soccer, Football, and Frisbee lessons
and these beauties:

My parents own two, and I thought they were just for kids, but Mitch and I rode all them all afternoon. They are crazy fun, and can go pretty fast. Basically we want to have an obstacle course made just for an afternoon with these. 

Happy Easter, hope your day was as beautiful as the day of the first Easter morning.

Sunday, April 24

...and we almost got hit by 3 cars.

Finals were over, and it was time to prep for my PARTY!
I just turned twenty-one and threw myself a bash. Congruent with the status of 21 year old parties, I wanted my party to have some fun drinks.  So we decided to have a Tiki Bar and serve some VIRGIN margaretta's and strawberry daiquiries.

On Thursday the A-team (Andrea and I) went party shopping. We knew it was going to be an adventure, before we left. As we pulled into the dollar store parking lot, a car was not paying any attention and I had to swerve major, to avoid getting hit. This is car number one. 

We then saw this cute little old lady running out to her car. She must have been in a hurry, because she was booking it, but it was pretty funny.  -yes I do find humor in the most random things.

As we were looking for party supplies we found the JACKPOT! Tiki aisle, and as we are doing our happy dance a wonderful sales associate (Barbara) comes over and starts telling us that she wasn't supposed to even put the stuff out until after Easter, but she got too excited. We then explain that this is PERFECT for our party, and she tells us she has more in the back.  And guess what?!? SHE TOOK US BACK THERE! YEP MY MOST FAVORITE PLACE-BEHIND THE SCENES!  I knew it was going to be a good day.

Basically fantastic.

After loading up on everything amazing, we headed to our next destination. Wally's World, i.e. Walmart. Where yet again a car tried to hit us as we were walking into the store.  But not before we drove up and parked in front of this car.

this is my one picture from our day

 See that says M+A. I currently have a baby crush on this boy from the hospital, and his name starts with M. tee hee. The chances of things working out: 1 in 1000, the chances of him reading this 1 in 100. The chance I will see this car again and have the opportunity to be a silly girl and do things like this: priceless. 

We then found everything we needed and more in seriously two stops. I was planning on four. Life was good. And I was so excited about the decorations I wanted to set up right then. But I didn't. 

Next post: my party. 

Monday, April 18

I'm a little bit Country... I'm a little bit Rock and Roll!

I knew I bought my cowboy boots for something! 

The girls in my program, all needed a break after this long semester, so us single ladies went Country dancing. It is at the Center, in Provo, and actually really fun! There were quite a few cuties, and I spent the whole night spinning... literally.

And then the creepers, (I think they took pointers from my first post, but seriously pick up on the hints, buddy.)   And though I do have a few scary/funny stories concerning guys who are shorter than me, it was an overall good first time experience. 

I have decided, that if I plan on going back I need to work out my arms. I pulled something in my left arm, and when I put my hand behind my back, it still hurts. Ladies and gents: sometimes dancing can be dangerous. 

Sunday, April 17

New Directions....

Hi, my name is Amanda, and I'm horrible at directions. I cannot find an address without a map, for the life of me. No lie.  Send me out in the world with just an address, and I'll never be back... because I'll NEVER find it. I lived in the same town, all of my life, and when I started driving I couldn't tell you street names of the major streets in town. I know there is a main street... and state street... and the name of my street...

The thing is, that I'm a visual person, so give me a map, and I'm there. But then there are times when MAP QUEST LIES!  That is a whole different story....

But anyhow I am very lucky that my dear best friend, Andrea, knows me well enough that she plans on knowing the directions so that we don't get lost on our adventures.  
And this past adventure, a random reception that I went to as moral support, she even drove. This means chances of us getting lost, were reduced by 95%.  And did we? No! Well except that we kinda did.... but not really we just drove down one too many streets.
But success of this adventure was tops, and the conversation about taco meat, unmatched. 
But, yet again, that's a whole different story.

Thursday, April 14

A little shocking...

This might be a bit weird, but I have a special place in my heart for THE DOLLAR STORE. I love that when I walk in, I know the price of every single thing. I'm like a kid in a candy store. It may just be my most favorite store in the whole world. 
Now I've been into all the surrounding so-called dollar stores, but there is only ONE that is a true dollar store. Dollar Tree. 
 When I need a little retail therapy this is where you will find me. 

Tuesday, April 12

Do the cReeP...

It's true, I confess. I stalk. A lot. I am a blog stalker. A bloker, shall we say. So it only seemed wise, I thought to myself, to have easy access to my favorites by starting a blog, and adding them on the side. Best answer right? Right.

post title is referring to this for all those do didn't know. Enjoy :)